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Bees for Sale

I have three overwintered Italian honeybee hives for sale. Each hive includes the following:

  • 2 - Deep Boxes
  • 20 - fully drawn frames
  • Screened bottom board with drawer
  • Inner and outer covers
  • 10's of thousands of bees with a 2018 queen
  • Robbing/Moving screen

The cost of these hives is $450 each. One of these hives can easily be split into 3 - 4 hives in the spring making it a much better deal than purchasing nucs or packages.
However, be prepared in the spring. These hives will need to be split or they will swarm and fly away if you can't catch them. They will be coming through winter and will be very strong in March.
$150 will hold each hive until you can pick it up on a warm sunny day in February. When picking up the hive, you must have:

  • $300 balance for each hive
  • Ratchet strap for binding the boxes together
  • Hives are about 30" tall hive and weigh about 150lbs

If the hive doesn't make it through the winter, your $150 deposit will be refunded.

Contact Name:   Eric Weller
Contact Phone:   706-867-0171
Email Addr:   eric.weller@wellersystems.com

Bee Supplies and Woodenware for Sale

Top bar hives for sale: 5 feet long, Heavily built, must see. $675.  Visit our website at http://www.georgiatopbarbeehives.com

Contact Name:   Andy Marcus
Contact Phone:   770-250-4387
Email Addr:   georgiatopbarbeehives@gmail.com

Honey and Hive Products for Sale
Farm Products for Sale
Miscellaneous Items for sale

EZ Construction Estimator Software

As its name implies, EZ Construction Estimator creates estimates for building contractors, easily. Using the software's simple drag & drop interface, build accurate estimates in just a few mouse clicks. Whether you’re a general contractor, roofer, painting contractor or remodeling expert, EZ Construction Estimator will provide you with the tools you need to assure that your estimates will be profitable and accurate.

Go to http://ezconstructionestimator.com to request a free 30 day trial of this software.

Contact Name:   Eric Weller
Contact Phone:   706-867-0171
Email Addr:   eric.weller@wellersystems.com

Marcus Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Residential Specialist 
  • Repair *Service *Replacement 
  • Servicing: Cumming, Dawsonville and Dahlonega 

Contact Name:   Andy Marcus
Contact Phone:   770-844-9862
Email Addr:   marcushvac2@gmail.com